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    Pharma and herbal manufacturer

    Following are the list of brands of our pharma and herbal pcd franchise company along with the purpose for they are used.

    1) Altocid syrup - This syrup is an ayurvedic antacid syrup. It is used to neutralize acidity.

    2) Alcitral Syrup - This herbal syrup is used to maintain the proper functioning of Kidney. It helps to prevent Urinary Calculi Cystitis.

    3) Gynumax tonic - It is a herbal uterine tonic for ladies. It helps to keep female uterus fit.

    4) Honikof - It is herbal preparation to cure cough, cold, bronchitis and respiratory disorders.

    5) Immunoplat Syrup - It is an herbal immunity booster which is consumed to prevent platelet dysfunction and thrombocytopenia due to Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Dengue, Malaria, Chronic Hepatitis or viral infections

    6) Nufer - It helps to fight Iron deficiency, Anaemia and Nutritional Deficiency.

    7) Nuzyme - It is an herbal preparation to fight impaired digestion, Constipation, Lassitude, Dyspepsia, Hyperacidity, Hypoacidity, Gastric Discomfort and Flatulence.

    8) Nuliv - It is homeostatic health tonic which treats hepatitis, Jaundice, Cirrhosis due to drugs/ alcohol, Infantile liver disorders and Anorexia.

    9) Nutone Syrup - It is used to fight nutritional deficiency, General weakness, loss of weight and appetite debility after prolonged

    10) Nulivzyme - It is an herbal preparation of liver tonic with benefits of enzyme.

    11) Shankpushpi - It is a herbal brain tonic. It is memory booster and it is a herbal preparation.

    12) Purifar - It treats Urticaria, Dermatosis and purifies blood.

    13) Tensorid - It is consumed to cure Hysteria, Hypertension, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Myoclonus Seizure, Musculoskeletal disorders and psychiatric disorders.

    14) Urinil Syrup - This herbal preparation is used to controls uric acid and it is helpful in joint pains

    15) Zyka Syrup - It is a herbal digestive appetizer. It is used for digestion.

    16) Althyrid capsule - It is used for Hypothyroidism & impaired thyroxin levels. It boosts Metabolism and also effective in obesity, Goitre & muscle weakness.

    17) Alcitral capsule - It is used for urinary calculi cystitis and attack of Renal Colic.

    18) Bronkonu - It is used to cure allergic rhinitis , chronic bronchial Asthma, chronic cough and respiratory allergies.

    19) Cardiomax - It is used to treat Dyslipidaemia, mild to moderate hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular condition requiring the inhibition of platelet aggregation.

    20) Diabol - It is used for non-insulin dependant diabetes mellitus with sign and symptoms of hyperlipidemia and early retinopath.

    21) Evecure capsule - For menstrual imbalance and Amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

    22) Immunoplat capsule - An ideal immuno modulator boost platelet count too & dengue fever, chronic hepatitis or viral infection.

    23) Leucoter D.S - For specific and non specific Leuchorrhea, excessive vaginal discharge due to fungal/bacterial//protozoal infection and other symptoms associated with Leucorrhea

    24) Nuslim capsule- Anti-obesity capsule. It is herbal slimming capsule which is used for weight loss.

    25) Nuflex capsule - It is used to cure Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Cervical and lumbar spodylosis and Traumatic inflammatory condition.

    26) Nugra - 440 - Sexual wellness product. It is herbal preparation for vigour, Vitality and Stamina.

    27) Nusep - It is herbal antibiotic which is used to cure upper and lower respiratory tract infection, skin and soft tissue infections, dental and periodontal infections, ocular infection, bone and joint infection and UTLS.

    28) Nugain capsule - It is used to treat hair fall, pre mature greying of hair. It is a herbal composition.

    29) Nufer Capsule - It is herbal composition used to treat Iron Deficiency, Anaemia and nutritional deficiency.

    30) Nutone Capsule - It is herbal composition for weight gain capsule. It is to be taken apart from food.

    31) Piloherb Capsule - It is herbal composition for internal and external hemorrhoids, fissures & pregnancy-induced Haemorrhoids.

    32) Purifar Capsule - It treats urticaria, Dermatosis, chronic skin infections and purifies blood.

    33) Spirulina Capsule - Spirulina is a green Algae which is most powerful food on earth and it is used as food supplement.

    34) Tensorid - Hysteria, hypertension, anxiety, depression insomania, myoclonus seizure, musculoskeletal disorders and psychiatric disorders.

    35) Urinal Capsule - It controls uric acid and useful in joint pain.

    36) Panch Tulsi drops - Tulsi drops are made of extracts of 5 tulsi extracts.

    37) Aloevera with wheat grass juice - It contains power of Aloevera with wheat grass juice . It is used for general body wellness and is helpful in fat cutting.

    38) Noni with Garcinia Cambogia - It contains Noni with Garcinia Cambogia.

    39) Amla with wheat Grass

    40) Neem, Karela and Jamun & Giloy.

    41) Nutone - Malt

    42) Power up - A complit & powerful health tonic

    43) Arthodol oil - It is herbal medicine for Muscular debility and joint pain

    44) Nuflex oil - It is herbal medicine for muscular debility and joint pain

    45) Nuluk-36 - It promotes healthy breast tissue, uplifts the sagging skin, makes it look firm and fuller and relieves pain.

    46) Maha Bhringraj oil 

    47) Mahanarayan oil

    48) Nugain hair oil - for hair fall, Dandruff, Pre-mature greying of hair and alopecia

    49) Nustud Tilla - Increase nerve power

    50) Purifar - It is herbal composition for scabies, pimples and eczema and corns

    51) Nulax Tab - It is herbal composition for constipation and bowel disorders

    52) Herbotox - It is a herbal composition for body detoxification

    53) Glactoboost powder - It serves as natural iron reinforcement during pregnancy, keep mother ready for lactation stage and excellent restorative after delivery

    54) Nutone Powder - It is a herbal composition for protein supplement.

    55) Nulax Powder - Herbal constipation powder

    56) Stevia Leaf - Herbal sweetner

    57) Herbal Slim Tea - Herbal slimming tea 

    58) Aloevera Skin Gel - Herbal cosmetic

    59) Aloevera and Heena Shampoo - Herbal cosmetic

    60) Bathing Soap - Herbal cosmetic

    61) Face wash - Herbal cosmetic

    62) Moisturizing Gel - Herbal cosmetic

    63) Hair Serum - Herbal Cosmetic

    64) Fairess cream - Herbal Cosmetic

    65) Sunscreen lotion - Herbal Cosmetic

    66) Handwash - Herbal Cosmetic

    67) Vaginal Wash - Herbal Cosmetic

    68) Face pack - Herbal Cosmetic

    69) Nudent Dental tonic - Herbal Cosmetic


    Antibiotics/ Antimicrobials/ Anti Helmentics/ Anti Fungal

    70) Amikacin 100/500 mg

    71) Amoxycillin 250 mg, Cloxacilin 250 mg, Serratiopeptidase 10 mg 

    72) Azithromicin 250 mg / 500 mg

    73) Azithromicin 250 mg and Cefixime 200 mg

    74) Ceftriaxone 250 mg

    75) Ceftriaxone 1000 mg

    76) Cefoperazone 1000 mg and Sulbactum 500 mg

    77) Cefoperazone 125 mg and Sulbactum 125 mg

    78) Cefixime 200 mg and ofloxacin 200 mg 

    79) Cefixime 200 mg and clavulanate 125 mg

    80) Linzolid 600 mg